scent fiction

Read new short fiction worth bottling and selling.

Dear visitor, Scent Stories N°1 – 3 and 5 – 8 are currently pending publication.

Read N°4 “Paris Underground” in The Liner April 2012.

SCENT STORIES by Gina Zupsich

N°1 – an inaugural tale

N°2 – family portrait

N°3 – self portrait

N°4 – paris underground

N°5 – the smell of desire

N°6 – burnt toast

N°7 – the smell of sorrow

N°8 – city of broad shoulders and big odors


N°1 – bitten apples – by David

N°2 – retour à la source (return to the source) – by Laureline

N°3 – the fish sauce affair – by Trang

N°4 – christmas card – by Florent

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