perfume aura readings tomorrow in SF

Come experience San Francisco perfumer Yosh‘s Evanescent Collection and Perfume Oils tomorrow at Barneys SF 1-5:30pm.

Sign up for a mini-aura reading and personal recommendations by calling Barneys Cosmetic Department  at (415) 268-3500 or (415) 268-3539

Barneys, 77 O’Farrell Street, San Francisco, CA

a fragrance for every fetish

Anoint your inner at Goth with perfumes from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

On the blood type diet? Go all out with Italian Blood Concept‘s blood type perfume.

Penchant for the island exotic? Escape to the tropics with EnVoyage‘s lush new fragrances, Nectar des Îles and Vents Ardents.

Indulge your historical curiosity in Daria Boyd’s historical fragrance line devoted to capturing the olfactory essence of famous historical figures like Billie Holiday and Abraham Licoln.

Perfume Perversion

Forget books about perfume. The Duke of Couture is creating a fragrance that smells like books.

It’s called Paper Passion but the release date has not yet been mentioned. It will contain a fatty note.

And in nose news for the nether regions…one man’s shit is another man’s gold. Spritz on Surplus, the world’s first perfume with a fecal note.

Where else but in Chicago?
Chicago-based perfumery Farringay just launched the first ever bacon-based perfume, Bacōn

It’s Springtime in California…

and it’s time to tune up your noses:

Check out work by San Francisco scent artist Sita Bhaumik at the CCA MFA Show
May 12th 6pm-10pm, 1111 8th St San Francisco

Embrace the last days of one sweet sale:
Velvet and Sweet Pea Purrfumery is commemorating this year’s spectacular bee season with a sale.
From April 11-30, all liquid perfumes, crème perfumes, eau de parfum, colognes and limited edition perfumes will be Buy 1, Get 1 Half Off. All hail the queen bee! This is a marvelous opportunity to try a scent you have been coveting, and get another one of equal or lesser value at half the regular price. (Psst! Don’t forget that Mother’s Day is right around the corner on Sunday, May 8!)

I absolutely love the Purrfumery’s baroque floral fragrances. They are all natural and worth every pretty penny! Try the new Rose perfume!

To get in on the fun, email the Purrfumery or call 510-528-8040.

smells of a sexual nature

The fascination with our olfactory system and sexual attraction continues…

Although the smell of rubber does not make humans appear more attractive, the odor of flatulence makes young adults more likely to want to strap them on. These findings lead us to wonder whether there is a crucial balance to be struck between the natural and the plastic for the survival of the species.