3D is SO 2009… olfactory ScentWare is on its way to your computer, flavor changeling cookies and fragrances to give you a deluxe driving experience are now available for purchase.

Tech companies like DigiScent and TriSenx, Inc are reaching the final frontier in virtual reality by designing ScentWare for home computers.

The Japanese have successfully created the Meta Cookie system, which is a flavoring system created to trick your tastebuds and noses.

New Car smell for 2010? Audi’s Nose Team enhances your ride by paying attention to all the driver’s senses.

The current issue of arty interview magazine Mono.Kultur from Berlin, Issue 32, features a scent-only story by renowned scent artist Sissel Tolaas. Check back on Olfactive to find out about our upcoming event celebrating Tolaas’ innovative narrative form.

Read more news stories in olfactory technology, gastronomy, arts, literature and medicine at NOSE IN THE NEWS.

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