Scents That Change Your Diet, Attitude and Destiny

San Francisco scent artist Yosh creates custom perfumes that double as aura attunements.

Some tips on how to select natural essential oils.

Jaipur shop corners the market on devotional scent.

One woman’s liver crisis transforms her into a super sniffer permanently altering her palate and diet.

2 thoughts on “Scents That Change Your Diet, Attitude and Destiny

  1. I love what you do, Gina! Keep up the wonderful work!!!

    I know that the intention of the article was to point out ways to determine essential oil quality, but since it comes from Young Living, I did want to alert people about the company. There are a lot of controversy surrounding Young Living Essential Oils, a multi-level marketing company and its founder Gary Young. I realize that there are at least two sides to a story, but this is one side that many aromatherapists listen to.

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