scent accessories for the modern lad and lass

You can now enjoy a new take on the old classic: solid perfume in pencil form. We wish they could also write in scented ink. Available for around $10 at Anthropologie. Is there an eraser available if the scent is unappealing?

Le Métier de Beauté, NYC craft maquilleur, has gone where no cufflink has ever gone before. They have designed three types of scent-embedded cufflinks. The fragrance names are more abstract than the concept though. Who could choose from “bold,” “classic,” and “modern,” without actually smelling them? At a cool $3,500, we’d like to give them a test drive before committing. Smells like something every dandy nowadays must have.

South African strip club Mavericks knows their clients’ needs intimately. The club is selling three fragrances as part of a line called “Alibis” which are designed to mask that incomparable lap-dance and booze accord that makes girlfriends and wives so angry. The fragrances are only available for sale at the club itself. SNL did an ad parody in the 90s about a shoe treatment that gives shoes business trip realness. The salt-like powder was the husband’s alibi, covering up his tropical beach getaway with his mistress by pretending to be on a Chicago winter business trip. Life imitates art.

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