Sausalito Scent Event TODAY

SF-based artist Paolo Salvagione will be exhibiting some exciting new work called Vessels that integrates scent at the Headlands Center for the Arts in Sausalito, CA. “Vessels” are a dozen vessels that contain a dozen unique smells designed to activate some memory from the past — your past.

scent accessories for the modern lad and lass

You can now enjoy a new take on the old classic: solid perfume in pencil form. We wish they could also write in scented ink. Available for around $10 at Anthropologie. Is there an eraser available if the scent is unappealing?

Le Métier de Beauté, NYC craft maquilleur, has gone where no cufflink has ever gone before. They have designed three types of scent-embedded cufflinks. The fragrance names are more abstract than the concept though. Who could choose from “bold,” “classic,” and “modern,” without actually smelling them? At a cool $3,500, we’d like to give them a test drive before committing. Smells like something every dandy nowadays must have.

South African strip club Mavericks knows their clients’ needs intimately. The club is selling three fragrances as part of a line called “Alibis” which are designed to mask that incomparable lap-dance and booze accord that makes girlfriends and wives so angry. The fragrances are only available for sale at the club itself. SNL did an ad parody in the 90s about a shoe treatment that gives shoes business trip realness. The salt-like powder was the husband’s alibi, covering up his tropical beach getaway with his mistress by pretending to be on a Chicago winter business trip. Life imitates art.

scent events from LA to NYC

SF perfumer INeKE will be exhibiting at the Elements Showcase 500 W 36th St 9a-7p (entrance on 463 10th Ave) TODAY AND TOMORROW!

Yosh Han will be part of the next installment of Scent Bar Afternoon with Perfumers in LA.

Scent Bar Afternoon With Perfumers is a recurring series designed to create a casual setting for perfumers and fragrance lovers to mingle, sniff new things and celebrate the art of perfumery. Based in San Francisco, Yosh Han hand-crafts and blends multifaceted scents, using the finest ingredients available. She finds inspiration in numerology and the study of Chakra energies, creating distinctive scents with the power to set moods and capture passing fancies.

Please join us for a glass of bubbly with Miss Han and discover Sombre Negra, a fragrance exploring the obscure subconscious.

Saturday 11 February, 4-6 pm

8327 Beverly Blvd
(between Flores and Sweetzer)
Los Angeles, 90048

scented christmas

Two of my favorite perfumers, Ineke and Velvet and Sweet Pea, are offering some Christmas deals on their fragrances that you should check out!

Ineke has gorgeous botanical blends from her Alphabet series and her new Anthropology Floral Curiosity line. Her sample sets are perfect stocking stuffers and great gifts for travelers.


I love Laurie’s rare historical creations. Her oils and body frostings are luxurious, guaranteed to please the hedonist in you.