New Fall Fragrances

Botanically inspired Ineke Perfumes has just released two new fragrances for your perfume library.

Sweet William is fresh yet softly spicy scent. It evokes a walk though an apple orchard from the Anthropologie Floral Curiosities line is available now at Click here for a limited-time giveaway.

Forget everything you thought you knew about gardenia scents. Ineke’s Letter H for Hothouse Flower is grand dame instead of granny.  It is the perfect accompaniment to either a chic pencil skirt or an evening dress. The latest addition to the alphabet series is a rare earthy gardenia fragrance now available at with free shipping on orders placed before September 30th.

Eastern Inspiration: gilded lilies light up the Fog City summer

Inspired by the lovely golden flower from Japan, artisanal San Francisco-based perfumer INeKE and the Alembic are both currently serving up the Gilded Lily in the form of a seductive eau to parfum and a decadent cocktail.

The champagne cocktail takes its name from the stunning gold leaf sheen on the surface of the drink, capturing the delicate sweetness of its floral namesake with hints of herbaceous chartreuse, orange blossom water and gin softly transported to your nose and mouth by the gentle effervescence of demi sec.

INeKE translates the Asiatic lily more literally from the gorgeous muse blooming in her front garden into a sexy modern chypre fragrance with a soft whisper of fruit.

Angelinos will be lucky to get the first sniff of Gilded Lily eau de parfum at its Nordstrom launch tomorrow and Saturday (8.27 + 8.28) in Santa Monica.

INeKE’s latest addition to its perfume alphabet – G for Gilded – will be available in late September 2010 online or at the following SF retailers:

Azalea 411 Hayes Street      Nest 2300 Fillmore Street       Gumps 135 Post Street      Carrots 843 Montgomery Street      Circle & Square 344 Presidio Street.

Learn A-F of INeKE’s  perfume ABCs by ordering the gorgeous deluxe sample set at only $25 online. OR try them in person at Fred Segal in LA at 500 Broadway and in NYC at Henri Bendel at 712 5th Ave, Takashimaya at 693 Fifth Avenue and The Plaza Beauty at One West 58th Street.