steam, scent & strangers

A couple of years ago, LA-based artist Michael Parker created Steam Womb, an immersive, interactive scent installation. Think of it as an urban social event at the intersection of hot-tubbing and clubbing. Every winter, Parker opens his downtown studio for steam season, an opportunity to crawl inside of a mirrored disco egg sculpture, get sweaty with strangers and experience the odd womb-like space enhanced by a DJ and “herb jockey.” Sounds, scents, and strangers are ever-changing. Check out this article and video. photo (1)

caramel flower

If you lust after rich, heady botanicals, check out Velvet and Sweet Pea’s latest fragrance, fleur de caramel with notes of red mandarin, butterfly lily, cognac, Tahitian vanilla, and frangipani. This luxurious fragrance won the bronze medal at the recent Artisan Fragrance Salon in Sa Francisco. Buy the parfum or eau de parfum here