scent artist Sita Bhaumik in SF

Tomorrow at 2pm, scent artist Sita Bhaumik will be speaking at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum’s Baat Cheet event. Speakers include: Pixar animator Sanjay Patel, poet and psychiatrist Ravi Chandra, artist Sita Kuratomi Bhaumik, LACMA curator Julie Romain, artist Ranu Mukherjee, musician Cory Combs, India West editor Lisa Tsering, contemporary art collector Dipti Mathur, yoga instructor Monica Desai Henderson, and music and dance professor Nalini Ghuma.

6-9pm is Kearny Street Workshop’s Holiday Party. Asian Santa photo opp and live music by John Lum, Brandon Bigelow, Wilson Wong, and artists from RAMA.

Bhaumik’s installations at Acquired Taste show can be viewed and smelled one last time. The show will be closing this Thursday, Dec 8th at CSU Fullerton’s Begovich Gallery.
Check out “To Curry Favor,” a curry powder wall (pictured above) and “Hey Sugar, Sugar,” a powdered sugar doormat.


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