scent and design

Parsons School of Design held a symposium on scent as design in March 2010 called Headspace, which is now viewable online.

If you’ve ever stayed in a Costes hotel, you probably smelled its powerful elegance. Now, Asian hotels are following suit in scent branding as an integral part of the luxury hotel experience.

London LA SF NY scent events

Starting November 20 SF MOMA has a show called How Wine Became Modern featuring a couple of interactive olfactive exhibits including a piece by scent artist Sissel Tolaas.

Bruno Fazzolari’s Mirror 5 will be at Jancar Jones Gallery in SF November 19-December 18.

Check out ongoing London events hosted by Odette Toilette of Scratch and Sniff.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is hosting a series of gothic perfume events in the LA area.

And, although it’s a long ways off yet, the New York Museum of Art and Design will be hosting a perfume retrospective curated by Chandler Burr slated to go up sometime in November 2011.

you may be a visual learner but most of us are olfactive feelers

The automotive industry fine tunes the art of car scenting.

The nose is the most direct way to the consumer’s heart. Companies are using new technology to reel in customers by their noses. Marketers will soon have their open nostrils at Scent World 2010 expo in Miami.

Cannabis propagandists in the Netherlands are using scent cards to advocate its legalization.

Nosable News – November 2010

NYC political campaigns get even stinkier with olfactory assaults.

This is getting serious…the very first World Congress on Olfaction has just taken place in Paris. The French Maison de recherche has dubbed olfaction “the forgotten sense” but perhaps we might also think of it as the “remembering sense?”

We applaud the work of scent artist Sissel Tolaas who has been working on the olfactive mapping of world cities, but why Kansas City?

Ever wonder what Buzz Lightyear smelled on the moon? Olfactive artists bring new meaning to the term lunatic.

More nose news from the Bay Area and beyond coming soon. Stay tuned!

News That Lingers (Labor Day Edition)

Public art therapy? Psychology today provides validation for the new scent art genre.

A Brief History of Perfume in the West by the Independent.

Scent hits the airwaves thanks to NPR’s discussion with smell scientists Stuart Firestein and Donald Wilson.

New Jersey’s de-stinking attempts are futile says online magazine Death + Taxes.

Good (Smelling) Reads for the long weekend. Click on the link for synopsis and reviews.

Mystery: Perfume by Patrick Süskind and Une Gourmandise (Gourmet Rhapsody) by Muriel Barbery

Comedy: Jitterbug Perfume Tom Robbins

Classics: Combray (in vol 1 of Remembrance of Things Past) by Marcel Proust and The Belly of Paris Emile Zola

Creative Non-Fiction: Victoire, les saveurs et les mots (Victoire, My Mother’s Mother) Maryse Condé

Hungry For STINK (International Edition)

Brazilians bring smell-o-vision back in new advertising campaign.

And in the Northern Hemisphere Canadian student works towards ScentWare development.

NJ aims to overpower garbage stink with synthetic perfume blast.

LA-based scent artist puts a new spin on the art of perfume and narrative.

Ancients vs Moderns? Read the story of a perfume renegade from France who honors natural perfumery and Sufism.

Parsons School of Design experiments with new olfactory media.


3D is SO 2009… olfactory ScentWare is on its way to your computer, flavor changeling cookies and fragrances to give you a deluxe driving experience are now available for purchase.

Tech companies like DigiScent and TriSenx, Inc are reaching the final frontier in virtual reality by designing ScentWare for home computers.

The Japanese have successfully created the Meta Cookie system, which is a flavoring system created to trick your tastebuds and noses.

New Car smell for 2010? Audi’s Nose Team enhances your ride by paying attention to all the driver’s senses.

The current issue of arty interview magazine Mono.Kultur from Berlin, Issue 32, features a scent-only story by renowned scent artist Sissel Tolaas. Check back on Olfactive to find out about our upcoming event celebrating Tolaas’ innovative narrative form.

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