Fragrance Explosion in London

Catch some of the scent events, including talks with professional noses and perfumers, during the celebration of fragrance at Harrods of London ongoing until September 15th

87-135 Brompton Rd, Knightsbridge, London

Introducing Madeleine – Memory Capture of the Future


London designer Amy Radcliff has succeeded in prototyping a camera of the future. Her elegant device, coyly named Madeleine in a wink to Proust fans, uses headspace technology to capture, analyze and reproduce odor compositions of actual objects in small capsules. The product is as disposable as current-day visual captures.


fashion and scent, partners in ethereal design

For many years now, scent, has been used to manipulate consumers into increased purchasing. One has only to think of scent’s relationship to nostalgia to understand its special power to emotionally sway decisions. It’s about time that designers look to scent to innovate not only in marketing but branding. As a recent article in The Business of Fashion explains, fashion designers seem to understand better than most just how integral the ethereal senses of touch and smell are to the experience of a brand.